Laryngeal Keel

Code: SS


The Laryngeal Keel is developed with a very flexible silicone.

Its dimensions and general morphology are intended to achieve and maintain a greater laryngeal separation at the level of the anterior commissure, by the intracordal introduction of a wedge of variable length, which is kept in position thanks to the lateral wings, of 15mm x 20mm. These dimensions remain constant in all models.

The Laryngeal Keel can be used as a complement to hemilaryngectomy to prevent the appearance of stenosis, although it can also expand the subglottal clearance in cases of stenosis of different aetiologies. The chordal paralysis does not prevent its use. Occasionally, a separator has been installed after removing a laryngeal stent.

Stening® provides detailed instructions for use with each device, including insertion and removal techniques, precautions, and postoperative care.