Stening® Thin Wall Tracheal Stent

Code HE

CE 0051


It consists on a straight tracheal stent with a thinner wall. This docility makes its implant and removal easier.

It has a special utility after the neoplastic and endotracheal tissue’s resection, when the affection lacks of a compressive component.

Distinctive features:

A thinner wall of the prosthesis significances an increase in the stent cross section surface destined for ventilation.

The relation between the surface that occupies the wall and the clearance available for ventilation is modified favourably.

In the other way round, it can be expected a lower resistance to extrinsic compression and a decrease of the cession point.

The wall’s thickness decrease makes easier the introduction of the prosthesis inside the ejector or the bronchoscope. As well as the implant and removal manoeuvres.

Stening® provides detailed instructions for each device, including insertion and removal techniques, precautions and postoperative cares.

Important: Stening HE has a wall thickness of 1 mm. In order to offer the professional more possibilities in the treatment of different cases, we also manufacture alternative versions with exactly the same characteristics as the HE, but with different thicknesses:
  • Stening ST with 1.5 mm thickness (with a somewhat higher radial pressure).
  • Stening SAP with 2 mm thickness (more robust wall, with high radial pressure)
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