Stening® Tracheal Stent

Code ST

CE 0051


The Stening® Tracheal stent is the classic and straight stent for tracheal affections. It has a tubular structure, with flat surface anchoring studs on its outer wall to prevent stent migration.


  • Primary or secondary tracheal neoplasm.
  • Tracheoesophageal fistula.
  • Tracheal rupture.
  • After laser resection, cryotherapy or electrocautery, to maintain the airway opened.
  • Extrinsic compression or compromise of the submucosa.
  • Post intubation stenosis.
  • Post-traumatic stenosis.
  • Post infectious stenosis  (endobronchial tuberculosis, histoplasmosis mediastinal fibrosis, herpes virus, diphtheria).
  • Focal trachea-broncho-malacia: following tracheostomy or radiation therapy.
  • Diffuse trachea-broncho-malacia: idiopathic, polychondritis or Mounier-Kuhn syndrome.
  • Tracheal tumours.
  • Amyloidosis.
  • Excessive dynamic compression of the airway.
Stening® provides detailed instructions for each device, including insertion and removal techniques, precautions and postoperative cares.
Important: Stening ST has a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. In order to offer the professional more possibilities in the treatment of different cases, we also manufacture alternative versions with exactly the same characteristics as the ST, but with different thicknesses:
  • Stening HE with 1 mm thickness (thin wall with lower radial pressure).
  • Stening SAP with 2 mm thickness (more robust wall, with high radial pressure)
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