• Each Stening® stent is provided along with an identification card for the patient. It is prepared so that the condition of the patient and the way to communicate with the care center in case of emergency can be recorded on the back.
  • In the same way, the Stening® stent is provided with an informative manual in two languages, which contains the following topics:
    · Characteristics
    · Indications
    · Contraindications
    · Introduction technique
    · Complications
    · Extraction technique
    · Recommendations
    · Details of available measures
  • Down’s Syndrome: Stening srl provides free of charge any of the products manufactured by our team, to patients with Down Syndrome who need them, within the Argentine Republic; every time that it is needed throughout the patients life. Only the patient’s parents can request the Stening® benefit, by being on possession of the specialist physician’s indication and by calling 11 4553 5070 or 11 4551 2333.
  • Technical and medical assistance free of charge is available via phone from any part of the country.