Long Tracheal T-Tube

Code TML

CE 0051


The large t-tube has a distal branch of greater length. This variant makes it possible to treat localized conditions in the intrathoracic portion of the trachea.


  • Distal, precarinal and tracheal injuries.
  • Tracheal stenosis.
  • Subglottal stenosis.
  • Laryngotracheal stenosis.
  • After a tracheal resection and a termino-terminal anastomosis.
  • Tracheal reconstruction.
  • Larynx or trachea trauma.
  • Conventional tracheal cannula substitution.


  • Keep the external branch occluded permanently, with the lid provided.
  • In the presence of stridor, difficult breathing or any other anomaly, remove the external cover and consult the specialist immediately.
  • The product should not be reused because this can cause cross contamination
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