Stening® Class Stent


CE 0051


The Stening® Class Stent is a device designed to maintain the clearance of the airway in sufficient conditions for ventilation. It has a conical elastic tubular structure, with non-slip spurs arranged in several rows and distributed symmetrically along its surface.

Special features:

Gradual resistance:

To accompany the functionality of the bronchus and its physiology, the strength of its wall is progressively reduced distally at a rate of 3% per each centimeter of the length of the stent.

Increase in fixing capacity:

Although the increase in the fixing capacity of the Stening® Class Stent can not be precisely determined with regard to its counterpart, this property is benefited by the existence of fixations aligned against the direction of possible unwanted displacement. Their number duplicates the existing ones in the straight stent model.

Stening® provides detailed instructions for use with each device, including insertion and removal techniques, precautions, and postoperative cares.
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