ALC Medical Devices – Perú Distributor


This letter certifies that since August 9th, 2019

ALC Medical Devices
Martín León
T: +: +51 478 5258
M: +51 933 904 458

is the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR and SELLER of our line of products in Perú

Additionally, ALC Medical Devices , is authorized to sign any necessary documentation in order to participate in public and private biddings and tenders which involve the supplying of our products, warranties and support.

ALC Medical Devices has the responsibility to promote, distribute, sale and offer technical assistance of our products to their sales contacts, specialist doctors, hospitals, clinics and related medical institutions.

For any assistance, please contact with: Mr. Martín León ( +51 933 904 458 )

This statement shall be valid for two years from the issue date. It will be automatically renewable annually, except that any party explicitly state its resignation.